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I belong to the Pakistan Administrative Service of Civil Service of Pakistan having experience in three areas i.e. a) Public Administration b) Information Technology and c) Telecommunications. With 40 years as a professional in the fields of Administration, Management, Policy Formulation and Planning, Telecommunications and Information Technology,  I have been responsible for all phases of divergent projects from conception through implementation, closing and review. My experience is in both technical support as well as development of application projects. In addition, I am skilled in problem solving and technical communication. In all humility I have striven to learn the following skills to some extent as I am an ardent believer of  Robert Browning’s Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for:

Worked extensively in supply control demand prevention and international cooperation in the field of narcotics substances. Identification of issues in water sharing and management and suggesting ways of rapprochement, prevention of disasters, rehabilitation and provision of relief to calamity affected people. Ability to adjust to surroundings (since worked with the most versatile groups of ethnic, intellectual, technical and geographic diversity). Effective crisis management in hostile and adverse circumstances.
Identifying, defining, analyzing, and solving problems of denizens of geographical territories assigned to me as their chief executive (districts and sub-divisions) and ensuring fair and just redress of their grievances against the government functionaries as well as system. Excellence in 3 distinct fields of management, telecommunications, and information technology. Provision of smooth communication in peace and operational environments. Achieving optimum performance from the computer systems I work with.
Training of personnel of different educational and motivational levels ranging from low educated recruits to the highly intelligent and inspired engineering and computer science students in subjects of such diversity as leadership, ethics, EDP fundamentals, project design, computer logic design, computer systems architecture, assembly language, system programming, communication system planning, circuit planning etc. Effective supervision of directly under command staff. Designing, hosting, and maintaining website. COBOL system designing (excellent level) and HTML/Javascript/WMLScript  programming (satisfactory level).